Moving Day

Good evening (to me), last week i finally moved out from the Hotel to my permanent accommodation. And guess what? I LOVED IT.
Couldn’t be more perfect. My friends from batch and friends from Brazil in majority they are here. A few of them are not but at least for them to visit, they just have to go to one place to meet us all. When we wanted to go out we had to take a cab and go to one place to another and it took us forever for that. And now all of our problems solved.

I have only 4 more days of training. And 2 days OFF and then FLY!!
I am so glad that my airline provide us Mock ups during training. Mock ups if you don’t know it’s a whole simulation of the flight for us to practice service and checks, everything. Plus we have 2 real flights that are for us to practice and observe and then finally real working flights.
This airline is amazing. Dubai is amazing. I don’t live in Sheikh Zayed Road(the most famous road (where Dubai mall and Burj khalifa are), but i love my zone. Everything here is calmer than that, cheaper than that.
To be honest i have friend who live right next to Burj khalifa and they are planning to move out. The most important thing is not where you live but who you live with!

Best part of training

Yayy. SEP✅
And now Security and then Service 😍 and then? Over 😫.
We all got our rosters and just found out that my first flight will be a turn around to Cairo- Egypt and a layover in Paris- France. Yep thats right. And plus ill have these 2 flight with a girl from my batch that i love ;).
And more information to come, i am moving to my permanent accommodation next week, i will show you what it looks like.  I am so happy that 95% of my friends are moving to the same building as i am😍.
I wanna fly soo much, cant help the nerves though.
Plus my mom and 2 lil brother are coming to visit me in July, and i cannot wait for that.
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See ya Folks ! Att. Rapha Montano

A quick advise..


And i know it might sound impossible BUT dont bring too much stuff!! I am staying at a hotel and i dont have the strenght to unpack 😭.

ARRIVAL IN DUBAI: Well i loved everything so far except for the fact that i think that things here are very expensive. At least comparing to my country which has tonnes of taxes and you have to pay 30times more then its costs.






SECOND WEEK: First of all i know i didnt write since i arrived BUT it is because not much happened. Let me explain, i haven’t seen Dubai yet. I went to the Dubai Mall and could only see one floor(that thing is huge), Souk(just a quick look but i wanna go back to buy things😍) and i went to Irish Village twice(if you pass by you have to go, love this place) and… that is it! I am making a list of the places i want to go and once i finish SEP-Safety Emergency Procedure (your worst nightmare) i will finally visit places and see Dubai.
I came here with the thought of ‘no need to rush’ kinda thing. I know i am not here for a simple vacation or a specific time, that’s why i feel like i will have plenty of time to actually explore dubai. First i need to pass all exams(do i need to tell you how many? No, if i do you will quit before trying), then i have training and exams until 17th of JuN. So i decided to take one step at a time.

If you wanna see whats going on, on a daily basis you can follow me on Instagram @raphamontano . For those who add me on facebook, i am sorry but i dont like facebook thats why i dont post often.

See ya Folks ! Att. Rapha Montano

8 Days left …


Occupy your mind then soon the time will come!
I have already told you guys NOT TO RUSH, it might feels like will take forever for time to pass but time flies and you will wish for more time.
Goodbyes – Well I don’t know if I am an alien or something like that but I’m not feeling like I am about to leave my hometown, my friends, my family and my life behind. Maybe because my family are giving me the biggest support ever(they want me to leave). Mom & Dad are telling me to relax about packing because if I miss something they will bring it to me later.. makes me feel cosy and happy to know that no matter what, they’ll always be there for me.
Anyhow I still think that it’s just some random trip like I’ve did before, just like “I’ll be 2 hours away”. I really hope reality doesn’t knock me out when I get there.
I am excited. I am so ready to start my training and living my life like I’ve always wanted.
I don’t want to say goodbye to any friend of mine. I want to say See ya later =)

Packing – I have made a list of things to pack. I have to confess, I told my friends who are going to Dubai as well, that I will only pack a day before and they have been packing for a month now. So suddenly reality came to me like an wave – Darling, you need to empty your whole closet, everything you have you need to decide whether to go to Dubai or to go for charity.
After having this mini heart attack I started to clean out my closet and separated things: Man, you don’t realise how much stuff you have until you need to move. And believe me I moved from my house to my parents house not that long ago and already gave many things away. But still have a lot of stuff.
The typical I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR turned out not to fit into 2 bags. How come? – It has to be Magic!

2×32 –  2 bags carring 32kg each. That’s what I am allowed to bring. OK that 64kg is a lot but the weight it’s not the problem but the volume! My silly things, like my, special, coffee(bowl) mug; my gorgeous piggy bank; my Lego lampshade; my coke silver bottle; my books(not silly at all, even if I have already read them more than once).
How am I supposed to leave without them? Ridiculous? Maybe! But if I carry with me things I love from back home then being homesick and feeling like home won’t be a problem. Imagine leaving everything behind? How empty should you feel? I guess it’s like a hole in the (pocket)heart.

My baby cat – How the hell am i supposed to leave without him?? HOW?? Don’t get me wrong, I think my family will be pretty well without me but my baby, I think he will be devastated. If he don’t, then I’ll be devastated!

Parrots – yes you got it right. How could I leave without parrots talking to each other in the afternoon?? Where I live there is a tree where tons of parrots  chat everyday. I LOVE THE SOUND.

Green – “The urban area has many parks and plazas, making Porto Alegre one of the greenest provincial capitals in Brazil” and I am moving to the desert.. Ok I want to, anyways, BUT I’ll miss this! God knows how.
When I’ll be done with my packing, I’ll show you how I did it. How do you put your life into 2 bags? Don’t know.

Keep Yourself Motivated !

Today I decided to list some films for those who are OH(on hold), or if you are just willing to get into aviation.
When I was waiting(forever) from my OD in September til my AD in November, I used to watch some films to keep me motivated and to help the time to pass. Why not?

First I wanted to watch this since ever but I don’t know exactly why but I didn’t at the time. I remember that this came out when I was doing a flight attendant course back in Brazil(where you have to graduate from a FA course, pass through ANAC test and get you healthy certification before you can apply for an airline) and everybody was soo excited with this TV show but I don’t know why it was cancelled and I’ll die trying to figure it out the outcome… whatever… is the American TV show called PAN AM with Christina Ricci. You can only find the first season that I loved.

pan an

Second film that I loved so much is Come Fly with Me 1963 yep 63! Another one about Pan Am stewardesses(working for the fictional airline Polar Atlantic Airways) based in NYC. I love the uniform, make up, hair, everything about that. The film is about 3 stewardesses and their romantic pursuits. It is with the BEAUTIFUL Dolores Hart playing Donna Stuart.

Come_Fly_with_Me_FilmPosterThird of all, i don’t know how could i forget about this one. Some comments on Facebook remind me of the great View From The Top 2003. This was, obviously, watched by everyone who wants to be a Flight Attendant.

You can also watch Boeing Boeing 1965 and Coffee, Tea or Me? 1973 and Jackie Brown 1997. Those I haven’t watched yet because it is so hard to find, but if you got the chance to watch any of these please let me know and tell me your opinion about them. Also if you have any other suggest feel free to comment !!

Boeingboeing Coffee-Tea-or-Me-first-editionjackie

See ya Folks !!



Dear God please stop testing my patience skills. I would appreciate it…

My friend Talles Coll, from blog: – in Portuguese, will be moving to Dubai in 2 days. Can you believe it? Well this make me freak out about how time flies, unfortunately or not I will be moving in 22 days. *-*

All though I haven’t done anything yet. Things such as buy clothes for the training(no you don’t have to buy it but you’ll need to have black trousers, black flat shoes, one scarf for visits to Mosques, kendall stocking and make up. If you have then, obviously, no need to buy).

I would like to know if any of you have any doubts about the job position, about living in another country, about anything that I might help, then please let me know and i’ll do my best to explain things to you!!
Thanks for your time and I PROMISE I won’t let you guys down when I move out!

28 days ..

For people who wants to be a cabin crew at any company please don’t give up no matter what. I gave up once as I mentioned. And one of the things that give me strenght to try out, was reading blogs, following Instagram cabin crew, etc. Just remember to keep motivated! That will make you reach out to everything you have always wanted.
Moving on.. I am studying now Airport codes. We have some in the Workbook and some others at Emirates website.
It is important that you are familiarized with these code, that doesn’t mean that you have to know by heart BUT you do need to have an idea. Remember that as much as information you can get, will help you out during training. Most important for those who doesn’t have English as a first language.

Also you need to figure it out the best way to learn. I learn faster by writing down all the information I have, over and over again. Then with no efforts I’ll absorb the subject.

I wish you all the best of luck!!

My instagram if you wish: @raphamontano

34 and counting..

34 days to go ! Can you believe it? Because i cant. Well i am trying to keep it cool but it is hard. I have to confess i am full of dreams and all of them involve Emirates. image It feel surreal to be living in a place like that, with a job like that. When i look back it is weird because it looks like everything on my past were driven me here, to where i am about to be. Not saying bad things about my home country but i was born here, thats it, nothing else, this isn’t in my future i have always knew that. Have you ever had that feeling that you just dont belong somewhere? That is me and that is my life! I was just watching and from now on i will be living it. Fingers crossed ✨✈ See ya Folks ! Att. Rapha Montano

Next Stage

Here we go…


After all the medicals and documents we receive the FA (Final Approval), well now we have to study this workbook before joining training, so that is all i have left to do until my DOJ. 😍
See ya Folks ! Att. Rapha Montano

A constant fighting

When i got my Golden Call i thought that 68 days were too much. What am i gonna do with that much time? No, i wanna move to Dubai NOW! – Well now it is only 59.

I traveled to the beach with my family, and suddenly i thought –wow this might be the last time that i came here before Dubai. I am in Porto Alegre now, and last night i went out with some friends and thought –wow this might be the last time that i go out with them. Even though there are 2 months before i go, how many times we spent trying to set a date to go out with all of our friends? At least for me, because of everyone’s jobs, we spent months talking about a night out that everyone could go.

Despite the fact that i still have to get 4 more vaccines, and the last one I can only take on 16th of April, i also have an appointment with my dentist in 2 days. Well i think 59 days aren’t enough. I am not stepping back but i need to slow things down. I remember that i was on a madly rush to fill out all the paperwork and all the medicals but my recruiter told me that there was no need to rush. So why not enjoy the little time i have?

Don’t rush!! – Do what you have got to do but on your time.

I also need to go to the airport to get the international vaccines card.

My parents are really missing me, in a few moments of the day i heard them talking that they don’t know when will they see me again. So they are really appreciating a time with quality with me and my brothers. My mind changed a bit, now i know what not to do to be homesick, i will focus, that is my future word FOCUS. I will live a day by day, enjoying like i am in a vacation then soon i’ll see them.

When you know you are about to be apart of your loved ones, you change. My father became my friend, want to help me with everything, wants to know where i’m going and who with. – I am 23 and i used to live by myself since 19. My mom keeps telling me what to do and that everything is gonna be OK. My older brother (married)remembered that i exist and start to visit us very often LOL. My, 13 years old, brother who only talk to his computer game, start to talk to me and saying that he wants to live with me. My little brother(yep i do have a lot of brothers lol, and yep i am the only girl in the family) 8 years old, ask to sleep in my bed every night.

On the first week i was only doing what i have to do, checking my computers, talking to a Whats Up group from people that went through the whole process along with me. And i noticed that i still had my family there and I wasn’t enjoying time with them.

Also i feel a hole in my heart to go out with friends, because i am letting my family behind. And everyone wants to know how i am about to leave everything behind to move to another continent. I want to spend quality time with my loved ones but don’t want to say GOODBYE.
Plus, remember the boyfriend that i told that broke up with me and that’s why i went to the OD?? Well he called me inviting me to the movies and he told me he misses me and doesn’t want me to go. Can you believe it? After 5 months. Should i mentioned that no matter what I AM moving to Dubai anyways.