I am finally back

Hi there.. here’s a draft i found from Jan 2019.
I think i will update you guys in quarantine times since i’m having some views lately.
See ya next post!

It’s been so long i do must confess. But I’ve been through a lot in the year of 2018.
Mainly bad things happened and i am here to tell you some.
I moved houses, left Emirates Airlines, started to work in a pub i loved, changed my mind and moved back to Brazil, rearranged my plans, started new ones, currently getting things back on track but i am still a Stewardess.
I am being selected to a new company now based in Brazil.
When i joined Emirates i didn’t have a deadline i wanted to stay for as long as i wanted and to accomplish as much as i could, and that is exactly what i did.
Not going to lie it was really hard for me to say goodbye to my house, my friends, everything i known for the past 4 years. But all it takes is courage to change.
I needed that courage to leave things here and move to Dubai, so now it was the same.
I didn’t cry when i left my home country, but for the 14hours flight back home i cried non stop.
Didn’t want to leave the way i did but again life is not always asking our opinion.
This is a start over and that is always good news.
This new years eve i felt so relieved, i knew i was closing a painfull door behind me and i was a blank page to write down my own path.
I am pretty confident and i am proud of what I’ve done and of the person I’ve become.

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