Dear Friend

Today is a very special day. It could have been like any ordinary one but there is a special thing that makes a difference.
Today is the day that my friend is flying her last flight as EK Crew. Don’t get me wrong this is not a goodbye aviation but a see you later folks.
She will be hanging her wings but only for a while.
A lot of people will judge the idea but let me tell you something. It takes a lot of courage to leave your country to work abroad and build a new life. But for sure it takes a lot more to leave when you are settle for a while, settle in time, perhaps.

It’s not a new beginning but a new chapter. And with all my heart i wish it will be the best one.
Is she going back to the start? Did she regrets? Did she made a mistake? It didn’t work out?
IT did! IT did work out but all journeys comes to an end. It was worth it but now something else will be. IT was an amazing journey but of course, as life, with its very ups and downs along the road.
A life story only some will share and she is leaving with the heaviest baggage. Not talking about a hundred kg she is taking with her in cargo but her baggage full of things she learned, her experiences, challenges she faced and overcome, friends she gathered along the way, an open mind as never before, ready for all, joys she will never forget and a new being she become.
Some say that you have to finished on the top, so this company is a last result but what happens if you started on top? Will the next step be a downfall? No way! She learned that the sky’s the limit. So whatever is expecting her, will be as great as or better.

With all my love.

2 thoughts on “Dear Friend

  1. Dani says:

    Vim ler de novo. Chorei, claro! Pq né!?
    Apenas um pedido: Continue escrevendo!!!!
    Tu faz isso muito bem. E aproveite para mostrar pro mundo a criatura incrível e hilária que mora em ti.
    Te amo guria!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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