Let me tell yall 

I am not going to apologize once again for the months missing, its not fair after a year apart👌! Anyways… Sorry. 😂😂. Now back to the topic.. How weird things can get. Honestly, today a guy came to me and told he had read my blog  then i realized oh shit i do have a blog 😂 so i spent my afternoon reading it. Let me tell you .. Remember the guy from my OD that i had no idea of the name and i mentioned that his English was perfect and the interviewer asked him something then he left for some reason? I also mentioned that i would never know why unless i asked his wife who joined Ek with me? Well this guy has a name and i know him, he moved to Dubai and finally joined Emirates. He had his first flight, after training, this month. 😍 How great is that? Also i mentioned Priscila that was with me on my Assessment Day and did not make it. Guess what? She is also here, she joined Ek and its been 5 months, already! Also there was another girl who  did til our OD but she tried again and pass but didnt make it on FI. Yep she joined us as well ! How great is that? People that i actually crossed by two years ago, are finally here with us now. So please, as cliché as it might sound, dont give up on your dreams ! You still can make it and actually to be fair, if i had joined Emirates on my 21yrs i wouldnt have made the most of it like i do now! One more thing, i dont recall mentioning it but the girl who actually told me about Emirates, when i was back in 2011 doing the flight attendant course in Brazil, she is now one of my best friends here in Dubai. Last thought: how funny life could get? Everthing happens for a reason, and believe me when i say sometimes is just bad timing! Things happen at the right moment like it or not.

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