Reserve month

Reserve month is a month that you basically won’t have a roster preassign. You don’t know when will you have days off, which flights you will have and so on.
This happens every 8 month or more.
On a reserve month you could have an airport stand by or a home stand by. An airport stand by is a 4 hours duty that, as the name stand, you will have to be ready for any flight(packing for both winter and summer) at the airport. They will assign you for a flight which a crew didn’t show up, was not fit to fly or was offloaded for any reason. So you will be waiting at the stand by lounge with the uniform but you can use your phone, watch TV, eat and drink, sleep or read while you’re there. They will call you for any flight at any time and you’ll go right away.
A home stand by is usually 8 hours duty but again like the name, you wait at home for the roster controller call you letting you know which flight you will have. Usually you have around 2 hours to be at the airport ready for a flight once they called you. But the difference is that you can pack for the right weather. =D

Pros and Cons

Pros: For me is the fact that you could have good flights and the feeling of not knowing where you will be tomorrow.

Cons: Not knowing when your days off are. Plus the fact that you don’t know if you will have a 2 hours flight or a 16 one, could really be a nightmare if you are not well rested.

Is a month that crew don’t like a lot but we have to do it, and to be fair mine was pretty great. I had a lot of hours, nice flights, lovely crew, new destinations and amazing layovers. It was also a month that i couldn’t go out or do anything on my days off because you could only know what will happen to you around 18:00 every day. So imagine you know on 15th that you will have 16th off and at night you will find out that on 17th in the morning you have a stand by. Crazy times but it turn out to be great.

This post might not be very clear for you, so if you have any doubts please let me know in the comments for me to explain better.


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