Living a dream ?

What i heard the most is that we (emirates cabin crew)are living the dream.

It is true, i am living MY dream which it might not be yours, or you just might think it is. To be fair most of the time i do forget that, and start to pay more attention in my tiredness, my roster, the unbearable heat in Dubai, missing my family, not living with my friend and stupid things like that. But you know what? I always go back to where i was mentally before joined Emirates. How? I do have notes that i wrote when i decided to join and give it a shot, i also have videos that i recorded for myself to remind me in the future of my plans at the moment. Plus i read posts that i used to read when i was about to discover life as an EK cabin crew, videos from Lisa Single for example. I love the feeling that i have when i search for things i used to do before. It make me feel like i am actually living a dream, remember all those mixed feelings I’ve once had.

Please do so, if you think that you are not enjoying the time or the job anymore, not that you don’t enjoy it but sometimes you just get used to it so you don’t actually appreciate it. Sometimes just a simple thing an bring you back to the moment you choose this job, or what makes you decide between something.

I confess the homesick is driving us all crazy but guess what, we are now completing 6 months in the company and i already have my date of leave which i am not going to say because it will be a surprise. This comfort us knowing the exactly day that we will visit home. And a life as a flight attendant flies, literally. Sometimes it feels like i am here for one month but sometimes it feels like its been ages since I’ve moved.

Whenever i feel tired before a `not exciting` flight, I watch Pan Am. I am not joking. I do! And it makes my day, seriously, i notice i smile more during the flight, i have such a good mood and small negative things don’t make any difference.

You might think i talk to much about what to do and how to enjoy but seriously you might take this(or any other) job for granted, it is an easy job but dealing with people stuck in a piece of metal above the clouds, can be stressful and exhausting.

About the money: I’ve heard so many things about our salary and about our life style before i joined. The truth: Dubai has to offer an amazing night life but if you are like me who doesn’t enjoy this life style it is ok, you also have a lot of different things, you just need to know what makes you happy. To me for example i love the beach and do sports like surfing and stand up paddle. And here we have the perfect place for it – Kite beach.

During the summer i just cannot enjoy it that much because i have low blood pressure and i feel really bad outside, but i have my layovers which are amazing and such a different places and such a different weather. I can enjoy one day at -7 degrees and come back to Dubai to 38 degrees at 3 a.m. Plus the ‘winter’ is coming and i am really excited about my first ‘cold’ weather in Dubai.

I’ve met so many people here and all of them actually say to me that it is impossible to save money in your first year here. It’s a LIE. In 3 months of full salary i manage to save almost everything. I am not joking, i spend a lot with food, which is expensive here, from whats left from my allowances and it turn out that my salary was forgotten in my account. But i don’t go out to nightclubs often, and i do hang out with my friends in a restaurant or just in each others houses for a dinner or movies or whatever. This month i will spend a lot because me and my rommie are planning to decorate our apartment. I am always buying presents to my family and everything i want on a layover. So it will really depend on what you do and what you need to use your money for. I know for sure that when i’m going to Brazil i will spend my entire salary!

Also don’t be a freak money saver, we need to enjoy living here and buy things for ourselves because we work hard for it.

One tip: Manage your sleep!! You will fight with your brain that its time to sleep when you arrived at home and the sun its already out. Even with the black out curtains in your apartment and eye shades, your brain is just not used to it.

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2 thoughts on “Living a dream ?

  1. Carrie says:

    Hi! I’m so, so, so sorry to bother you! I started reading your blog, and it’s so cool! Are you still working for EK? I got my final approval last week, and I’ll be joining this November (:

    I read that you have low blood pressure… was it a problem when you did your medicals when you arrived Dubai? Mine is usually 70/110 and I’m terribly scared I might be sent back home!

    Hope you have a nice rooster this month! See you soon! (:


    • Rapha Montano 🌍⏳ says:

      You dont bother me at all, thats why I did the blog! Yes I am still working for EK. So happy for you that you got the job, welcome to our family!!! Dont be scared because its not a problem, your body just works that way, it wont interfere with your job, they will not send you home for this. Once again welcome and I wish you all the best 🙂


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