I’ve been in heaven

This heaven is called Mauritius!

The most amazing place ever, our layover is at Shandrani Resort & Spa. Pay attention at the word Resort. As soon as we reached the resort (around 6p.m), we did check in by seniority so i’m always the last one, and we went for dinner around 7:30, all crew, and for the first time the Captain and First officer joined us.  

       Amazing food, amazing place. In the morning i woke up at 8 for breakfast and for my surprise the view was even better than expected and the place is huge. After breakfast i spent a few hours tanning by the pool and enjoying the place. When my friend met me she shown me around and there is a golf park inside the resort and behind there is the beach, since i cannot explain the beauty and the color. So i took photos (they dont show the real thing but is pretty close). 















 I felt so blessed and relaxed. So i thank God for given me that oportunity of this job and life, sometimes we dont even realize how blessed we are, not because we are ungrateful, is just because we just dont have time to think because life is running , or better – flying. People ask onboard and at the airport to take pictures of me and they act like we are famous, its so weird to think that i am around someone’s instagram, facebook, social media. Love this job. Best job ever but remember the best job is not mine is the one you feel happy about it, so it doesnt matter what you do but how you do it and how you feel about it.😘

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