I know i was away for a long time, but don’t forget that i am still getting used to Dubai, being away from home, being single, been flying and all of that.

I was away even from my batch mates, and it is so hard to see them and hear that i am the only one who was gone since end of college. Why? Don’t know!

The thing is that i have a lot of plans for my life and first of all i want to move in with my Brazilian friend. My flatmate is lovely but the other girl we just don’t get along. It will be so much nicer if i could come home and enjoy with someone i love and someone who is basically my sister. Relax cooking, sitting on the couch things like that are not part of my routine, but i hope it will be sooner.

Hard to find a place available, hard to deal with lack of sleep(now its 2a.m and i have to wake up at 6a.m.). But the most important thing is that i love my job.

I love it so much, cannot even express. I had only one `not nice flight`, and it wasn’t because of the pax it was because of the crew. It happens at any job. But mine at least is a new crew every flight.

Guess who i am flying tomorrow? Daniele, my brazilian friend who i mentioned that i want to move in with.

It is going to be a multi-sector flight. MEL – AKL – AKL- MEL – DXB. Perfect company with my favourite weather COLD!

I’ve been missing my family a lot but i have my leave to end of November which i thing it will pass so fast. Today is fathers day and it seems that i am not part of it even if i send messages it won’t be enough. The best thing of it? For the first time i saw my dad expressing his feelings, and to me things like: ‘i miss you’ from him it is so special.

At the end of the month it is going to be his birthday and in September my middle brother’s birthday. Things i`ll miss but in count of something bigger and better for me and them as well.

I am also finally going enjoying Dubai night out, i need to enjoy Dubai’s food now. I miss cooking, but it seems that i cannot find the right things to cook.

Being a stewardess is tricky because it seems like forever but it is only 4 months since i move to Dubai. But sometimes it seem that i just move but it actually really close to my graduation.

I like Dubai, i don’t love the weather but it is not something unbearable because we do have AC everywhere.

And now i can finally say that i am really comfortable and confident when it comes to my job. What to do and how to, comes easier now. And even when i thought i was lost my seniors always said that i look like I’ve been working for ages. Compliments are so good to hear specially when you are not expecting that someone is actually looking at you.

Work hard no matter what and sooner you will get the best out of it. I know sometimes is hard but try to always be positive then life will be easier for you.

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