EK wannabe

For those who ask me for an advise. Here is the only one i can give to you and the most important one that you can have. Always remember what made you want this job, what motivates you, your plans, everything you had in mind when you choose to work with Emirates. The worst thing ever is to face someone who’s been flying for 1yr or 20yrs, complaining about everything. I believe that their lives are miserable and i feel sorry for them.

Destinations: didn’t you say during the interview that you would love to see the world? Then don’t complain about it, despite of the simple fact that they pay our salary, there is always something good each place. I am in Lagos, Nigeria. You know what I’ve heard? The worst things ever! You know what i did? Didn’t mind! I came here anxious, ready to have my own conclusion and you know what was it? I loved it. Hotel is cozy and people are very nice and polite. Be positive, see the good side of things will be better for yourself!
If you start to think that you are acting like the rest of them, please make sure that you don’t forget this little things. Do an inspiration board or dream board or something to remind you of it, if you think you might need. I don’t blame people who are changing their behavior because of others, you can easily fall into this state of mind, since you heard 24/7 but at least do your best, and take the best out of it.
Remember how many people were at the OD, AD and FI? They cried their eyes out because they couldn’t make it. So the least you can do is to honor their wishes for “taking their places”.
Also if you had an upgrade, good for you. But this doesn’t make you better or higher than anyone else. Don’t forget your roots THIS IS FOR EVERYTHING. I’ve seen people who were nice and sweet back in Brazil and when they came here they spread the words I HATE BRAZIL, AND I HATE BRAZILIAN PEOPLE. Let me tell you something: you are who you are no matter where you are from. Plus i love the place i came from, that doesn’t mean that i agree with corruption or that i relied on that, i hate that part, but the good things are the one i remembered. I found best Brazilian friends here in Dubai, because life didn’t give us the opportunity to meet in Brazil. And i love them! The place you came from doesn’t define who you are, but the attitudes you have do.
Hate Brazilians because we do speak in Portuguese with each other in Dubai? Guess what, Russians speak in Russian with each others too. You don’t have to forget your own language just because you are not in your country, you are given the opportunity to learn other languages. Not to change one for another.
Stop making life complicated, make it easier for yourself. If you think you can do this then please, you will be most welcome to Emirates and you will be successful, not just here, but wherever you go.
Thank you, once again for your time.

Good luck to everyone! Life is sort, so lets make the best out of it.

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